Firstly I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lisa Clarke and I was born and raised in Whanganui. The year 2003 saw my partner Ormond and I move from Tawa (Wellington) to Murupara, Ormond’s beloved hometown. I worked at Rangitahi College, then made the move to Murupara Kindergarten, now called Karamuramu Kindergarten. At my first meeting my nerves abounded, but I was made to feel welcome and very quickly felt part of the team. Galatea School has an awesome group of parents and teachers on the Board of Trustees, and at school, who work tirelessly to create a wonderful and supportive environment for our children and families. The school community can rest assured that they have a dedicated Board of Trustees working to achieve the best for our children and their dedication has been inspiring. I am enjoying the opportunity to learn and to be involved with the ins and an outs of running a school and have already been able to extend my knowledge through attending workshops and the Chair Conference in Wellington. It is truly a privilege to be part of such a fabulous team, I had often driven past Galatea School and would think that it is one great looking school. It appeared loved, warm, inviting and reminded me of my own schooling at my small country school, Upokongaro, in Whanganui. Awesome memories. I often thought that if I had a little person, this is the school I would send him or her to… and boom, Jesse arrived and now attends Galatea School.

Towards the end of last year I received a phone call from the Board asking me how I felt about becoming a trustee. I was very humbled by the offer and after a few days pondering I welcomed the opportunity to become more involved with the school.