Year 0,1

You will find this busy and action-packed class around the back of the school by our courts. Our very experienced and caring new-entrant teacher, Miss Tucker, knows exactly what our newest tamariki need to be successful learners and how to teach them in a way that is meaningful to them. Early Literacy and Numeracy is at the forefront of their learning, as well as the other curriculum areas, and learning and developing our School’s Building Blocks. Some may say that this class is generating geniuses!

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Year 2,3

You can find this bright and colourful class around the back of the school by our courts. Mrs Huxford is the dedicated teacher in this classroom. Her class walls are bursting with student’s learning. When you enter, you will see, hear and feel the learning as the students grow their ‘Mega Minds’.

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Year 3,4,5

You will find this class around the front of the school. Their doors open up to our wide, open front deck. Tatai Whetu translates to shining stars. There are many shining stars in this classroom. Their energetic and bubbly teacher Whaea Kirsty loves to integrate fun and ICT into every lesson.

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Year 6,7

The Dream Team can be found at the front of the school nestled between the cherry blossom alongside the courts and the mosaic tiles that surround one tree island. You will be greeted by Miss Robinson, a young, vibrant, passionate educator insistent on providing the best learning for her students. Our classroom space is bright and colourful making it an inviting and encouraging space for students to learn. The positive and enthusiastic culture ensures all children love coming to school and learning in ways that are best suited to them. It’s no mere coincidence then that we are The Dream Team. 

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Year 6,7,8

You can find this class around the front of the school. Their doors open up to our wide open front deck. Senior students have easy access to both the library and computer suite which is used as a break out space for students displaying high integrity. Miss H is a dedicated teacher who loves all things learning, the environment and especially developing kaitiakitanga in her students. She is also passionate about sports, hauora and mixing things up for a balanced and happy life. Kahikatea students are developing leadership skills as seniors of our kura, just as the Kahikatea tree grows tall and strong alongside others in the forest.

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